VARA with multiple licenses #VARA


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Latest version ,  saves  upto   four  separate  CALL/Key  combinations 
All  other  functions  remain  compatible ,  Ie no  change to  ON-AIR 
requirements / compatibility 


Copy below 

''Some VARA users have more than one license, especially VARA MARS users. To avoid enter the registration code frequently, now VARA HF v3.0.4 and VARA FM v1.2.9 can store until  four license''

VARA License.jpg

Other  updates ,  include  :-

VARA HF 3.0.4 fixes a problem saving sound-card settings;  In some cases, when windows re-starts, the device ID numbers are changed, then the sound-card device is wrong.  

      You may have to re-select your sound card devices with this new version.


- Adds the CW ID process for Winlink Express beta version about to be released.

And VARA FM v1.2.9 supports multiple RA-Boards, a cheap interface compatible with the VARA FM 9600 bandwidth requirements. 
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