Monitor function locks up VARA . #VARA


Monitor function locks up VARA . 
Point being  made , ''It appears to only show up in certain pc configurations''
Some background, 
The  monitor was coded  to  provide  off  air  monitoring ,  but , where as the  modem , each  tx/rx/tx exchange , deal's  only with the  level  in play at the  time  ..  thus , CPU loading  is held at  minimum can be  observed from the  platforms  already running the  modem , in traffic  mode  .. 
However, the  monitor  function is  dealing  , in real time , with  scanning  all  16  level variations ,  taking  considerable processing power , far in excess of the  modems  requirement to  pass  traffic ..
This  now apperres  to manifest, as  PC build  configurations **,  its not really  something that  requires a  coding fix, but  perhaps  some ''user group''   user  input to  establish the  base line ,  in terms of  processing  power needed  to run the  monitor

..**  As it's a  'large  numeric'  function ,  its possible windows  is  looking to  load the  video  processor , something to investigate , gpu loading ?
The inference being ,  a newer pc is required, perhaps ,  more elegant to establish a  base line as to  what works  ?
I'm  running,  quite old  now ,  intel  i7  2.6 GHz, 16 g ram  + GT610  video, [legacy driver !] , win10 64 ,  no issue's   

quick check ,   modem  shows 2.5 %  cpu  ,  monitor 'on'  5%  cpu