HRD / DM780 Wish List



I recently contacted the owner of Ham Radio Deluxe to request a few tweaks for DM780. Some of the changes below seem minor, but I'm told the little things can sometimes take a lot of code-crunching.

Guess it doesn't hurt to ask though. No reply yet.

Tony -K2MO

1. Front Panel TX Level Attenuator (see FLDIGI).

2. Allow manual tuning for MT63. (center frequency is currently fixed).

3. Add upper and lower transmit tones for MT63. (visual aid helps receiving stations tune signal).

4. Video ID: Add 8 characters per row instead of 2 to decrease ID transmit time.

5. Increase transmit TX-RSID amplitude. It appears to be >10db below digital mode output.

David Sadler-Lockwood

Any chance of FT8 support in DM780?

Dr David J Sadler-Lockwood G4CLI
Member of the Denby Dale Amateur Radio Society and the Wakefield & District ARS
Member of the RSGB Training and Education Committee
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Morris WA4MIT

FT8 no way the FT8 developers offer their software for free HRD charges for their product. HRD can not incorporate something that is free then start charging for it. There was talk but don`t think it will ever happen.
73 Morris wa4mit