Contestia 16/250 now available with RSID in fldigi and MULTIPSK

Gerry Lawlor

Hi Folks
Having spent some time recently using Contestia 16/250 on 40m with others it's apparent that it's a good mode for marginal conditions and at an acceptable speed.  Comparison with other modes has been unfavourable during our tests around 2100Z between Europe and the near US.  Jim AJ8S has been using this mode successfully over a longer period on the path from Ohio to VK6 on 40m.  
Up until  now there was no ready method of setting this mode up other than by using the Config Modem menu in fldigi.  Also, no RSID was available for it.  However that has now changed.   Patrick F6CTE has incorporated Contestia 16/250 into the latest version of MULTIPSK and assigned an RSID to it.  Dave W1HKJ has now incorporated it into the latest version of fldigi -version 
It would be nice to see others using this mode and availing of the superior S/N performance, which at -15 dB is 3 dB superior to e.g. Olivia 4-250 at -12 dB for the same ~20 WPM.   Generally, we play around 7068 kHz CF USB  at approximately 21Z.   Power levels of 200-300W to wire antennas have worked well.   A bandwidth of 300 Hz is very effective on RX. Of course,  there is no reason not to use the other conventional frequencies for digi modes now that an RSID has been assigned. 
Hoping to see some activity in this "new" mode.
Gerry EI9FV 

Andrew OBrien

Good news, thanks for the info
Andy K3UK