SW Radiogram program available


Hello to all the digital folks out there.
A new program for the Shortwave Radiogram broadcasts has now been posted on the SW Radiogram website. 
If you're new to decoding digital, this is a pretty nice way to get your feet wet. You can use your desktop or laptop, or you can use an Android device such as a smartphone or tablet. You can find links to the SW Radiogram website, software for decoding, and wiki articles with extensive details and help at: http://www.udxf.nl/events.html.  
If you'd like to see a list of web receivers (which are often reported as being used), receiver, transceiver and SDR applications and more, take a look at the SW Radiogram gateway at https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Shortwave_Radiogram_Gateway
Help is also available on Facebook and Twitter. The SW Radiogram website has the links. 
Radio Northern Europe International has announced its new schedule for program 21.  
See https://rnei.org/2021/09/02/radio-northern-europe-international-show-21-announcement/ 
Here's hoping for good propagation