New VARA SAT v4.0.2


New VARA SAT v4.0.2

The new  version of V-SAT , regains  full  compatibility  with 'Winlink' whilst providing the enhancements  ,of the  latest  VARA HF 4  release.

BW  2300 Hz 'only', same as  V4  HF   

Dynamic AFC : Provides  track and  drift correction , which negates  high stability hardware requirements , VARA DSP  detects  and  implements corrections. in the  modem  tx/rx spectrum. 

Extended  link  latency: The modem accommodates extended  latency , induced  by  path time  delay , this  facility is  also  enables  the  modem to  be  deployed , with SDR  Tx/RX where  extended  processing  times are encountered .

NON Licenced  , limited to  MFSK  modem 

V SAT  is supported  by  CHAT Module 

 IS0GRB VARA SAT Gateway  24/7 on 10489635.0 USB Dial


VARA SAT v4.0 Speed Levels.jpg

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