WIN 10 Realteck mixer 'echo' / feed back #win10


Cause and cure of a strange  echo / delay on the  audio ,  varied  by the  mixer volume  slider ..

G3TDJ was  spot on with  the  cause/fix    "Listen" tab


WIN 10 Realteck mixer 'echo'

Little odd , while routing audio to data apps on win-10 pc , the sound mixer
provides a simple 'connect' point , for the app to connect to the audio stream

However , for some reason ,setting or option , as the level is increased , its accompanied
with an unexpected echo ,howl round, ''feed back'' ,

As far as I can tell , all the 'special effects' are set to off , one playback device selected
audio is available via the ''mixer'' normal apart from the echo .

Q what could be causing the ring-round , something must be linked back to the
input , but -what and where ? any ideas ? , had the same ?

Tnx -Graham



Sep 11   

Have a look at the Properties for the Recording may need to run mmsys.cpl to get to this detail - (a desktop shortcut to mmsys.cpl is useful)

The Recording Properties for the device in use will show a "Listen" tab, if "Listen to this device" is ticked that might cause your unwanted "echo" effect


This is an interesting problem. Wires-X setup instructs to turn “listen” to on. And it causes echo. 



I had no idea , increase the level and you got something close to a Wem copicat , 
Just took off , luckily the 'listen tab , was first on the list ... 
Never had the issue with xp  and win7 , might of been a default in win 10 

The previous w10 jolly jape , was the microphone select affecting 
The ic7100 usb  audio  in out codecs ..One disappeared ..
For no apparent reason   ....After upgrading .... even icom
Dident have the fix for that one ..

73 Graham