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HDSDR Homepage

By SDRPlay

The folks at HDSDR have released Version 2.75 – see (This is compatible with both the RSP1 and RSP2)

The new version has the following features:

– more recording options
– support for 8bit sampling format – ideal for RTLSDR, halving RF recording size
– display level / clipping for RF and AF
– additive noise generator for hiding aliases
– Highpass Filter for AM/FM deactivatable – useful for slow digimodes
– configurable gain for I/Q output – useful for digimode decoding weak signals of SDRs with >16 Bit dynamic range
– Uniform “Calibration” dialog for Frequency/S-Meter/DC Removal/Channel Skew
– “Custom color palette” to customize colors of Waterfall/Spectrum and some more
– output soundcard no longer necessary (e.g. for recording or monitoring)
– support for 8k display resolution (7680×4320)
– some new keyboard shortcuts (see )
– extended ExtIO capabilities
– experimental transmit capability through ExtIO API interface
– many fixes and improvements

Meanwhile, Simon Brown is on track to release a new version of SDR Console V3 preview which will support the RSP2 early next week (January 9th/10th)