RS-ID Waterfall Messaging With Digital Mode Spots #Waterfall RS-ID #waterfall



Taking RS-ID a step further by presenting the data within a digital mode applications waterfall has it's advantages. For example: mode and call-sign data could be displayed along the waterfall the way DX spots are displayed along the band map of most logging programs.

The current technique used in Multipsk allows scrolling text messages within the confines of the waterfall to be received by all (see below). In the spotting scheme described above, the text would be fixed along the top of the waterfall allowing the user to see station activity at a glance as RS-ID data is received.

The protocol also allows user-defined information to be displayed which might be useful during nets to communicate mode changes and other pertinent information. The screenshot below shows an example of this using Multipsk's Extended Messaging.

The RS-ID code already exists in most digital mode apps, but I suspect it might take some doing to implement waterfall spots the way I've described or Patrick's text messaging technique for that matter. Nice features to have, but it could be quite an undertaking for developers.

Tony -K2MO