OPERA Reporting work-around's for 10GHz and QO100 down link #opera


As the  reporting , was based on the  PSK-Map  format , which in turn was  invented to  report  HF propagation , by  way of  PSK31  activity ..


As the  number of  bands  in use increased,  the limits of the  reporting  system  where  reached ,  when  23 cm  1296 MHz was  added  , since then ,  a number of  work-a round's  have been  deployed .


Ibans  on line data  base , is linked directly  to the  out feed  from  the  ros/opera server and  provides  spots  listing  for 2200 meters to  1.2 cm .:   http://spots.microwavers.es/index.php


Stations  monitoring  10 GHz , may  add  a full  stop  [ . ]  in front  of the  station call, in the  opera app , this  shows  on the  opera app  as  for example    .EB3FRN  , the data base utilities the  full-stop  to  list the  spot as 10GHz , where  as the  opera/psk map  spots shows  23 cm 


Spot  from  10 GHz beacon  ED5YAE


20:20 1296893 ED5YAE de .EB3FRN Op05 -12 dB F:9% in Montbrio 1503,9 Hz



With the  advent of the  QO100   , geostationary satellite , Stations are  spotting the  10Ghz down link ,.  noting the  up-link is 2.4 GHz , the  'full stop'  is routing  the  spots  to  the  3 cm  data base , 


The  addition  of  [D]  and  [W]  .to the  monitoring  station  QTH , in the  Opera  app 'operator details field',  denote's   spots  obtained  via the  WEB-SDR , provided  by  Am-sat , located at Goonhilly  Cornwall ,  [W] , and those  , taking the  down link  directly  at 10 GHz, providing a local decode  [D] . This was embodied  to ensure the  correct location  data  accompanied the  'local decode'  spots , the % fade , indicating path disturbance ,  


Sample  spots , via , QO-100   satellite ,  via  Web and,  Direct off  air .


19:34 1296600 PA1SDB de .PA1SDB Op05 0 mi -4 dB F:8% in [W] Appingedam 1679,7 Hz with 250mw + 95cm Dish QO100 dial 10489603.5


19:41 1296600 PA1SDB de SV8RV Op05 1264 mi -11 dB F:5% in [D] Zakynthos(Zante)isl.GREECE via OSCAR-100 100mw 1691,4 Hz with 1


The PSK-Map,  shows  all  the  above  activity  as  23 cm  , as 23 cm is the  highest  selectable  band for the  psk-map and Opera  app . its difficult to  see  a  solution  in the near future as the  reporting  structure  has reached  its limit .. 

Note  SV8RV ,  Has kindly  added  an  10GHz  QO-100  down link  off air  monitor  , using  1 meter  dish  , dial 10489603.5 USB 
to  his monitoring  set up,