New releases of MULTIPSK (4.38.1) and Clock (1.11.6) #Multipsk

Patrick Lindecker

New releases of MULTIPSK (4.38.1) and Clock (1.11.6)


Pour les francophones: la version en français de ce message se trouve sur mon site ( Il suffit de cliquer sur le lien "Principales modifications (courriel avertissant de la sortie de la nouvelle version)".

Hello to all Ham and SWL,


The new releases of Clock 1.11.6 and MultiPSK (4.38.1) are on my Web site (
The mirror site is Earl's, W8BR:

The MD5 signature of the downloaded MULTIPSK_setup.exe file to, possibly, check (with WinMD5 for example), that the downloading works without error, is equal to: e65507188345823fc14f01c6cefd7658

Multipsk associated to Clock are freeware programs but with functions submitted to a license (by user key).


The main improvement of Clock 1.11.6 is the possibility to receive GPS time frames through a NMEA 183 link at the 4800 bauds 8-N-1 or 8-N-2 (1 ou 2 stop bits) formats.


The main improvements of MULTIPSK 4.38.1 are the following:


Improvement of the AERO decoding


The C band decoding at 1200 bauds has been completely reviewed.

However, unfortunately, the  C band reception remains very difficult (a big dish is required).


Example of decoding:

<15/01/19 23:21:38> Type: 7 (Other "safety") / Reference no.: 3 / Towards station 43 [Aussaguel --> sat. AOR-E (3-F2)] from plane 3C64F6

Complete ACARS message:  Mode: 2 / Plane identifier: D-AIGV / Ack.: {NAK} / Type: B6 (Downlink - Provide ADS report) / Block: 5 (Downlink)

Message: J49ALH0515/NYCODYA.ADS.D-AIGV071EDC66FB5989089E241D0E17D12CC0000F15B18FC00010922F7E7A0D2000071C71C90886BF222227555549088055F4 

Flight number: LH515 / Controlled by FIR: NYCODYA (New York - USA)

Basic report:  Lat = 43.3981°  Long = -45.8175°  Alt = 37000 feet (11278 m)  Time = [H]:32:09  FOM: 29

By reference to Earth:  Track = 67°  Horizontal speed = 602 knots (1115 km/h)  Vertical speed = 0 feet/mn (0.00 m/s)

By reference to air:  Track = 61°  Mach speed = 0.799  Vertical speed = 0 feet/mn (0.00 m/s)

Meteo (wind/air):  Speed = 146 knots (270 km/h)  True direction = 267°  Temperature = -49°C (-56°F)

Next waypoint in 00:28:47:  Lat = 45.0000°  Long = -40.0000°  Alt = 37000 feet (11278 m)


The L band AERO modes decoding have also been improved.



The "Frequencies" command has been added in the RX/TX menu. This one gives access to all the frequencies, known by the author, for all the modes decoded by Multipsk.


Improvement of the "Extended Message" mode management

Several improvements have been integrated.

Example of several EM messages displayed simultaneously on the waterfall.


Note about translation of Multipsk.exe and Clock .exe:  the 4.38 version of Multipsk has been translated to Spanish by Joachin (EA4ZB), from French.






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