HF Nets with JS8call? #JS8call

Andrew OBrien

Some of you here may recall my posts about using FSQcall as a simple method of net check ins versus the tedious method used when Olivia 8/500 NBEMS large nets are opening up. Not many had interest in my idea.  However it looks like JS8call (using FT8) has even better capabilities for net use than FSQ, plus JS8 and FT8 have a much larger user base .  The idea is to use the QTC and Allcall features of JS8call to quickly get stations checked in to an HF net and use JS8 for basic business   … BUT to also use faster error correcting modes when net has a need to pass traffic that JS8 would be too slow for.   I am able to have Fldigi and Multipsk open at same time and PTT independent of JS8 , so switching with an RSID would not be too problematic. 

So, there are a few JS8 users interested in this idea, if anyone on this group has an interest, let me know and we can put some practice nets together .

Andy K3UK