#SDR Anyone Using SDRUserListBrowser ? #SDR



If this is a duplicate, I apologize.  pc acting up again.

Have a new SDRPlay RSP-2 and am using it with HDSDR.
Am also working on using CSVUserListBrowser with it.  Terrific program.

Sr. Citizen now, and I miss many of the nuances, I think.

Don't want to bother everyone here with all my dumb questions.

Anyone willing to work with me a bit off line on using CSVUserListbrowser ?

Would be most appreciative.

I'm at RGSROSE@...


James Clark

CsVUserListBrowser is not too difficult - I installed it yesterday and am pretty relaxed in using it by today. Make good use of its "Help" facility, it explains things well.

Setting up the virtual COM ports may be taxing for non computer people but it's not as hard as you may think. Download Com0Com, run it and accept all the defaults.

Post back to this list if you have specific questions - it's not good to take such issues to e-mail as a major aspect of mailing lists is to create a base of knowledge for others to use and they can't do that if it's in private e-mail.