FreeDV '700D' mode #freedv

Sholto Fisher

Version 1.3 released -

Message published from David via Codec-2 mailing list:

Hi there,

After a couple of weeks of testing we have released FreeDV 1.3, which 
contains the new FreeDV 700D mode.  We are getting consistent reports of 
700D getting through on low SNR channels when SSB is unreadable.

Here are the Windows installers (thanks Richard!):

Some instructions, especially on new features, here:

An OSX version will hopefully be available soon.

Thank you so much to the test teams in the USA, UK, Netherlands and 

700D voice quality is sensitive to your microphone. Suggest you set up a 
local loopback to hear your own voice and tune the quality using the 
Tools-Filter Mic equaliser.  You can play pre-recorded wave files of 
your own voice using Tools-Play File to Mic in or with the "voice keyer"