[ardop_users] W6IDS Gateway Is Down For The Count This Time

Jerome Kutche <n9lya@...>

Howard can you go in to your update history see the name and date of what
all was updated then go to add remove programs and uninstall that update?
Just a guess what. I have never done that.. But I think it can be done.
It sounds like you already tried something similar? Or the restore may have
made that no longer available.. Just a thought.. I only know how to stop
WIN10 from updating and sending my info to MS.. Via their virus known as WIN
10.. lol.. And when and only when I want to do an update will it do one. I
have total control! 73 Jerry N9LYA

73 Jerry N9LYA

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Hello All,

In the FWIW category, depending upon your reliance on my gateway, I need to
announce my system is no longer in service, following the effects of the
WIN10 5/16 Update. I didn't realize I had problems actually, other than
there seemed to be a lot of quiet time, per se. Then I saw a message from
N2LEE which described issues he was having with Winmor, ARDOP and VARA.
That left him PACTOR only.

I decided to check and discovered that the same three protocols crashed on
my system, leaving me PACTOR only as well.
My making connect attempts with other gateways resulted in ARDOP and Winmor
locking up. VARA went into a 100% CPU usage state and stayed there. It
also would not respond to connect requests from a local, N9PTK.

Up until the Win10 update, there had been no apparent problems.

I encountered significant problems when I attempted to do a system recovery.
I went through three sessions, with the fourth ending up in a continual
recovery process without stopping from 8am until 4pm today.

I downloaded a tool, a Windows Update Diagnoistic and got the system to
reboot. It seems I have an Update Error shown below. This may have been a
continuing story because my computer has choked on updates before.

As an FYI, I downloaded Windows Update Diagnostic.diagcab which is:

Diagnostic Cabinet (306kb) from

The Error Code 0x80246010 is a Windows Update error, which prevents people
from installing Windows updates for both system and apps. Many people
reported the problem when installing Cumulative Update KB4038782 for WIN10
OS, but a variety of sites have detected quite a lot of threads complaining
on this problem and indicating different cumulative updates.

It has been reported in a number of websites that Microsoft's technicians
are aware of the problem, but they are not very active in responding to
people's complaints. I saw messages about this going back to late 2016 in
I found that one of the solutions offered by them is to install the needed
update manually from Windows Update Catalog. I'm no expert, but It seemed
like a good idea. . . . however, I then read where those who tried this
method encountered still another error - 0x80073712.

The error 0x80246010 may be triggered by missing/corrupt DLL files,
corrupted registry keys, incomplete updates, malware and similar problems.
In fact, I've seen it where the Update process suddenly disconnected from
the server resulting in a partial update install. Apparently, this can have
a cumulative effect which isn't good.
I can't say I was aware of this.

I used the tool from Microsoft and was able to regain some semblance of
control. I brought the system back up and went back into temporary service.
Immediately I had all three protocols lockup when connect attempts were
made, either outgoing by me or incoming from others.

Frankly, I don't think I will be able to quickly get my computer "spic 'n
span" on this one. Not to appear like I'm whining here, but I REALLY wish I
still had my WIN7 software in hand. For my own perspective, WIN10 has
been a very sad experiment. Obviously, YMMV. Hmmmmm. . . . yeah, I know.
There's LINUX but. . . . .


Howard W6IDS