17M frequencies

Larry Mundinger

18100 KHz was once the place for modes like PSK but it was taken over by
FT8.  Since sunspots are coming back should we pick another frequency
and try to get some activity going? Would 18104 KHz work?

Larry  KG4Q


Not Just  17 meter , all the  bands have been  over run
as the  propagation returns , without a structured multiple 
access ,  its going to jam itself , which will  most probably
cause the  users to  move along the  dial  ..and so on 


Bruno Haineault

I tend to agree with Graham. Although I am open to new HF DATA modes, developers need to integrate and impose LBT (Listen Before Transmit) and/or TDMA-type technologies so that all of these modes don’t mutually clobber each other.


I know that it’s easier said than done as one can’t expect every software to recognize all of the modes. But we need something to prevent mutual interference. If not, it will result in more complaints and ultimately FCC action.


Bruno Haineault, W4AFK

[Local (California): IC-7300 or FLEX-1500  w/LDG RT100 auto tuner & 50‘ of “stealthy” wire for data. Remote (Florida): Kenwood TS-480SAT, GAP Titan DX, “Horse Fence” 75/80m inv V @ 55 feet, ALS-600S. Or FLEX-6400, SmartSDR, Expert 1.3K amp.