VARA Deployment PTT #PTT_Issues


VARA Deployment 


The VARA modem offers a choice of CAT control for TX/RX and switched by the external application.


The default is:-

Switched by external application

BPQ, RMS Express and Tri-mode have their own PTT module, don’t need to use the PTT option in VARA.

In the PTT men, select:-

 "PTT switched by the external application".

For  other application's , the VARA CAT system may be  enabled and  configured  as  required.


Note for   G8BPQ users 

VARA  PTT/CAT It is needed when VARA is run on a machine remote from the one running the application.

Depending on the  supporting application and  interface, users are advised to  check the  settings  and  levels , to  ensure the  required method of  station  control is  selected  and  engaged .


Eg , VOX may require a higher than expected tx  audio level , taking care not to over  drive or run  high levels  of ALC


73 -Graham