Muti mode beaconing

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Greetings all..

I'd like to experiment further with multi-mode digital beaconing in the next
few days. The first QRP ( 3 watt ) muti-mode beacon experiment went well
thanks to Sid, AH6HH and Jim, in Arkansas ( sorry Jim, forgot your call).
From the several modes in the beacon, Jim was able to copy MFSK and
PSKHell, while Sid copied text from MFSK and PSK31.

To create the beacon, several modes were recorded from one PC to another,
creating wav files for each mode. These files were then placed on a single
file using the cut and paste method and a digital audio editing program
called CoolEdit ( ). CW identification was also added
at the end of each mode, as well as 45 second pauses between modes to allow
those monitoring enough time to switch software. The modes included in the
beacon transmit in the following order.. RTTY, Throb, PSK31, MT63, Hell
Feld and PSK), MFSK16 and MFSK8. I left shorter 15 second pauses between
modes that share the same software.

The last time a ran the beacon , I didn't alow enough advance notice. This
time, I will post the time and frequency well in advance for the next

Thanks, es 73
Tony, AB2CJ

Re: QRV any digi mode

Tony/AB2CJ <ab2cj@...>

Hi Mike, just got your mail. If your still there... pick a clear freq and
I'll meet you there.

tnx Tony

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Can do Throb. Time/Freq?


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Anyone for Throb, MT63 ??


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