Derek Shipman <derek@...>

Re message from Andy about AMTOR. Not extinct,but getting rare. I still check for FEC/Amtor,but been a while since I had a QSO. Still plenty of commercial type around of course.
    Change of subject. Has anyone tried ALE, the mode not the brew. Would be interested to try some QSO`s in that mode. Info on ALE can be found on URL
    The latest software,which works very well,can be downloaded on =
    I have just downloaded the latest version { G } and it works very well.
    Active freqs are given in the ALE info. For a quick check 2250 / 4841 / 5120 khz are usually quite active.
    Give it a try, its different.
                                                    73 ` s  de Derek // G4JFI

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