Re: [pskmail] New beta version

John (vk2eta)

Hello Andy,

Thank you for posting this information.

Just to add extra information as the link above is just an update for the complete installation.

In a nutshell the version 3 of jPskmail is a combination of Pskmail client/server/igate/Radio Messages all rolled into one application.

RadioMsg is for exchange of SMS style short messages over the air to/from other stations, email addresses, cellular phones, all done in an unconnected way. 

It uses Fldigi as modem but is has been more integrated than in the original version, as it is launched and monitored by the jPskmail application.

 It is compatible with the Android AndPskmail and upcoming RadioMsg apps.

The quick start guide provides more details.

The installer, the quick start guide and the source code are available at:
Instructions for running the installer are in the Quick start Guide, but in short just ensure you have Java version 1.8 or later (preferred), or at least version 1.7, installed on your machine and launch the .jar installer.
This release has been tested on Windows (XP and 10), Ubuntu and variants, Raspberry OS, as well as Chrome OS.
Feedback welcomed.
All the best,

73, John (VK2ETA)

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