WSJT-X 2.6.0 Release Candidate info (June 16, 2022)

Andrew OBrien

Copyright 2001 - 2022 by Joe Taylor, K1JT, and the WSJT Development Team

	        Release: WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc1
	             June 16, 2022

WSJT-X 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1 introduces support for the ARRL
International Digital Contest; performance enhancements for FT8, Q65,
and EME Echo mode; new controls and options on the GUI; and several
bug fixes.

In program WSJT-X:

 - Improved decoding for FT8: additional messages are marked 'a7'

 - Improved decoding for Q65 when AP is in use

 - Optional new "Active Stations" window and other features
   supporting ARRL International Digital Contest

 - Accurate SNR measurements in Echo mode, including large Doppler

 - Add mode selection buttons on main window for FT4, FT8, JT65,
   MSK144, and Q65

 - Add a button to toggle FT8's Hound mode ON or OFF

 - Add a "Clr Avg" button for Echo mode

 - Add optional highlighting of DX Call and DX Grid

 - Add optional highlighting of messages containing RR73 or 73

 - New options for writing to ALL.TXT: split the file yearly, monthly,
   or disable writing altogether

 - Add Russian to available translations of user interface

 - Add a 90 s Tune watchdog with optional disable

 - Allow auto reply for non-CQ messages via UDP (JTAlert, etc.) when 
   Hold Tx Freq is enabled

 - Suppress transmission of blank messages

 - Suppress self-spotting when running multiple instances

 - Correct the handling of messages starting with "CQ xxxx ..."

 - Correct a flaw that could cause Windows to drop audio samples

 - Correct a flaw that could send incorrect frequencies to ALL.TXT
   and PSK Reporter after a band change

 - Correct the auto-sequencing logic in several specific circumstances

 - Correct a flaw in WSPR mode when handling three-character callsigns

 - Correct a flaw that could cause OmniRig 1.19 or later to set
   incorrect frequencies after initialization 

 - Clean up some ToolTips

 - Fix an inconsistancy in the macOS installation package that caused
   the pwr slider to behave incorrectly on macOS 12

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