The PSK-Map as its name suggests was developed, when psk31 was the  only  mode in use , the  map sought, to  provide a  spotting 
facility, to  show the  users,  cq's and  qso's , long before reverse beacons  etc 

since then its expanded to provide a communal data base for  modes used  on the  ham and cb bands , the data base provides  a one year storage of spots
and can be accessed  via html  sql  , a file is exported that  opens in MS EXL

This is the  TEXT  qso front end  , coded by 4z1ac to  front the  VARA modem , quite simple to  use, now provides CAT control 
for  most rig's , The VARA modem remains compatible with  winlink , vara chat and the  varAC  app , a beacon 
mode has been added to the  modem along with a  CQ function , accessed via the  Chat apps 
provides a  live test ARQ qso , similar to AMTOR in days of old, but at much reduced  s/n , I used to  need  ~ 200  watts 
to  work  usa east coast with  Amtor on 7 mhz , the  same with  Vara  20  watts  using the  same  40 ft vertical.

73- Graham 

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