Trials are under way, linking  VARA to the  PSK-Map. via the  varAC  chat application 
listing as VARAC ,

The ADIF inclusion remains  in a rather quaint Mexican standoff 
over singular  modulation definitions and designations , be it that  simple,  
eg olivia has a phase component in the  modulation, hence it  needs a  linear 
transmission path , listed as mfsk , but with   phase angle as well  , could be  listed as psk 
fsk , only  2 tones ?  chirp, is  also  fsk with  sliding tone .. and so on -

14.105 +/-   showing  quite  high usage, noting the  map is only  showing spots from the  test version
with limited  distribution , but still a  insight into  use 

Appears the  next release /8 will  have the  psk-map  web linkage 

New version of the modem  , provides  TUNE function from the  varAC  application
and  control of the  power level as well as  many new features, 


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