Re: VARA FM stations and repeaters are not compatible with new VARA FM versions #VARA

Oliver K6OLI

There seem to be quite a few on the Canadian side:

Callsign: VA3ETN-10
Frequency: 144.930 MHz

Callsign: VE3ZPW-10
Frequency: 145.090 MHz
Frequency: 446.950 MHz

They look to be about 50-65km from your qth as per QRZ, mostly over water.
Kudos to our Canadian friends!

We recently did an exercise where we connected from mobile field stations (10W, N9TAX antennas) to the Tijuana gateways (25W, omni) from the L.A. area. That was around 220km (135miles).
Audio levels need to be set right with a good antenna 20+ ft in the air and good propagation helps. But it can be done.

73 de Oliver K6OLI

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