Re: Spanish Ham chats over Atlantic using home made data mode



Not as such,  I'd noticed  , Jose  made passing comment, during the  EA<>USA  qso ,    the  chat module  he was using ,  was  home  made , being  the  sole  designer  of the  whole  VARA  suite of programmes,  the  chat module is  probably 
the  simplest ... 

Though  not  designed as  chat mode , the  system chat module, presents  a  modern  version of the  amtor 
system, though  considerably  faster [un reg is 170 baud max] and  far lower s/n  required 

To  work the  east coast usa , used to  take  ~ 250 watts  on 7  with  my  40 ft vertical  on amtor 
round 25w   would do the  same  with  vara , same conditions ..


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