Re: New VARA HF v4.4.2 is already available for downloading.

Andrew O'Brien

Good news.
Andy K3UK

On Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 1:24 PM Graham <g0nbd@...> wrote:
Never a  dull  moment  .. more changes  on the way  
looks to  be  preliminary release , in advance of  new  changes  , to  ensure 
continuous  service 

From  web site 


11:55 (5 hours ago) 
to VARA HF Modem
Hello to all VARA HF users,
A new VARA HF v4.4.2 is already available for downloading. 
This version ensures compatibility with the changes projected in the future v4.4.3, which will be described in due course. 
It's very important all the sysops run VARA HF v4.4.2 in order to VARA HF v4.4.3 can be released for all the users.  
Here the changelog file:
v4.4.2  (19/03/2021)
  Fixed Compression Command compatibility with Winlink Express 
v4.4.1  (13/03/2021)
   Fixed problem with Trimode scanning frequencies
   Less latency in high speed levels
v4.4.0  (26/02/2021)
   Compatibility with future changes in the next VARA version
   Necessary sysops update this v4.4.0 as soon as be possible, before releasing the next VARA version with important innovations.
   Fixed BREAK loop in case of CMS connection failure in the middle of a VARA connection.
   ChangeLog in Help menu


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