new SW Radiogram program available


Hello to all the digital folks out there.
A new program for the Shortwave Radiogram broadcasts has now been posted on the SW Radiogram website at You should install FLMsg and configure it as shown on the website. It will also require a bit of text manipulation to copy the entire file.
If you're new to decoding digital, this is a pretty nice way to get your feet wet. You can use your desktop or laptop, or you can use an Android device such as a smartphone or tablet. You can find links to the SW Radiogram website, software for decoding, and wiki articles with extensive details and help at:  
If you'd like to see a list of web receivers (which are often reported as being used), receiver, transceiver and SDR applications and more, take a look at the SW Radiogram gateway at
Help is also available on Facebook and Twitter. The SW Radiogram website has the links. 
Radio Northern Europe International has announced its new schedule for program 15.  
See for more information. You can read 
about HamDRM (also known as WinDRM) at
Here's hoping for good propagation 

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