Re: New digital mode PS-18 (HF pager) from DXsoft and Radial, or we invented APRS again :-)

Sergei Podstrigailo

Hello, All!

From: Dieter Kuckelkorn <>
Subject: Invitation to join the new HFpager International Telegram Group

Dear friends,

you are already interested in the exciting new weak signal HF data
communications and messaging app „HF Pager“ developed by Evgeny
UA3AHM/OH5HM and Sergej UA9OV. We are pleased to inform you that we have
now established a brand new international Telegram group for all Amateur
Radio and other radio services operators interested in HF Pager and we
would like to cordially invite you to this group.

In this group we will be able to discuss all matters concerning HF
Pager, data communications and Ham Radio in general, schedule QSOs,
share tips and other information, get help and help others, share our
experiences, be in contact with the developers and enjoy our wonderful
hobby together.

As we would like to build an international community, this group is open
to everyone from every country.

To join, simply follow this link:

or look for the HF Pager group within the Telegram messenger app.

With best regards & vy 73

Dieter DL1DBY and Evgeny UA3AHM/OH5HM


Best regards,

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