Re: VARA HF Modem Speeds

Rick Muething


I think I missed the first part of the discussion.  Is this referring to the Winlink/ARSFI  Ionos Simulator project/simulator?

There is a pretty complete write-up of the effort and examples of simulation runs at:

Tom W. N5TW,  Tom Lafleur KA6IQA  and I were working on the effort most of last year during the development and verification of the simulator and testing  common popular protocols.

If interested I can provide more detail.


Rick Muething, KN6KB Winlink Development Team.

On 1/21/2021 10:42 AM, Graham wrote:
Its unclear as to  why the  simulator results where  so  wrong  and now  so  right , applying to  just one mode, where as   other's  remain, apparently,  unaffected  ?

What was identified as  causing the  discrepancy  ?

73 -Graham

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