Re: VARA HF Modem Speeds


Yes , Quite agree  Andy ,

The  vara  modem  started  years  before it  broke the  surface , in many variations,  the  fully  odfm version was  and remains radical ,  the  mfsk  front end to the  HF version, signalled the  limitations to  psk  modulation .. perhaps echoing the  MT63 , progression to  Olivia in terms of  s/n  

In reality , 'we'  as in data  mode users  are  now  10 years  behind  the  times , Ros HF , introduced , 'efficient   use of  bandwidth'  whilst maintaining QSO integrity and equal channel  access  for  users at  minimal s/n levels . 

To day , as already commented ,  non  coexisting  transmission formats  are  spreading along the  dial  

Only  need  to  observe the  psk-map  11  meter  band , when there  is a  opening ,  to  observe , the  traffic level  
supported in a  single  voice  channel  , by non ham users , demonstrating the  validity of the  designe .. and the far sightedness of the  SS Trial group  , who  also  came under  fire , 


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