Re: New VARA HF released 4-3-0 #VARA


Interesting  Andy 

Any of the  VARA modes will  run over  FM link ,  during testing , with  local station on 6 metres ,  who , was suffering from  solar panel  qrm ,  during the  day, 'we found that  switching to  FM gave a  significant speed  improvement 

VARA-FM  , has  ' No Afc' , as is not needed  for fm link ,  as the  recovered  tone  range is  not  affected by the  transmission , Hence  'designated  'fm'   But ,  variations on the  theme , could be   AM , or pilot tone ssb ?  the FM mode  has  much higher tolerance to switching times , to accomodate  repeater  usage , so, yes , will  be ideally suited for MARS  usage , 

Considerable work was carried out , modifying the  vara-hf  mode to vara-sat , to use with the  ao-100   satellite , providing a  ping system, that  measured the  frequency off  set  and the  link  'round' delay time.. the  tests  where  posted to  one of the  amsat groups , not sure if the  ground  station  remains active ?


nb: this version , could be  used for  any transmission  path,  I don't think there  is a  minimum delay .. 

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