Re: New VARA HF released 4-3-0 #VARA

Siegfried Jackstien

an fm signal is way narrower as the tv datv signals is so you will have a way higher signal as the tv beacon (and other user will be a bit "pissed") ... on the other way if you lower your level to the same as the tv beacon ... its then only a few db over noise giving not enough signal to noise for a good fm decoding/demodulation ... so using the wideband transponder does not work

a well tuned setup should be spot on (also on qo100) ... how much mistune can the modem handle (if used on normal ssb mode?!?

if say 50 hz plusminus is ok ... then also netting should work in vara mode on the narrowband transponder ... if not in the new 2.9 kc wide mode ... then use the 2.3 kc mode ... that should work in any case

extended afc in vara sat?? ok then they arelready dealt with the mistune (and the time delay over the qo100 sat)

i did not try it yet ... so i can not say details or how well it works ...

HNY graham

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 02.01.2021 um 17:55 schrieb Graham:

HNY  Sigi

Well ,  AO-100  has wide and narrow  band  areas, there  are  already  VARA SAT , which has  extended AFC and some 
link delay measuring  modules as well  , will  also  work with  any  steam powered  ssb set ups that  need  very long tx/rx times  , that is   more  suited to  the  sat link, as was designed  specially  for the  sat , but ,  no reason why the  high speed  varafm-96  could not be  used in the  wide band  section ? I would think the  power density of a wide band  FM signal  is similar to the  TV  broadcasts  ? and    zero  netting problems  ,  being  fm ?

73 -Graham

Ive never seen the  AO-100   transponders full ,  there  is a  ROS-HF mode  qso  running, with  prog set to  2 meters  
no different to the  on-air modem, just the  highest  qrg  coded  these days  .. and with  ROS -HF more than one  qso  can be  running at the same time  in the  same channel 

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