Re: New VARA HF released 4-3-0 #VARA


HNY  Sigi

Well ,  AO-100  has wide and narrow  band  areas, there  are  already  VARA SAT , which has  extended AFC and some 
link delay measuring  modules as well  , will  also  work with  any  steam powered  ssb set ups that  need  very long tx/rx times  , that is   more  suited to  the  sat link, as was designed  specially  for the  sat , but ,  no reason why the  high speed  varafm-96  could not be  used in the  wide band  section ? I would think the  power density of a wide band  FM signal  is similar to the  TV  broadcasts  ? and    zero  netting problems  ,  being  fm ?

73 -Graham

Ive never seen the  AO-100   transponders full ,  there  is a  ROS-HF mode  qso  running, with  prog set to  2 meters  
no different to the  on-air modem, just the  highest  qrg  coded  these days  .. and with  ROS -HF more than one  qso  can be  running at the same time  in the  same channel 

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