New VARA HF released 4-3-0 #VARA


New VARA HF released  4-3-0

New for  2021 ,  additional  2750 Hz bandwidth  mode added  to the  VARA  family 
utilising available  bandwidth,  maximum rate is  increased to 8489  Bps in 2750 Hz 
centered on 1500 Hz mid point  tone.

The  Modem architecture , being optimised to maximise the  available bandwidth
with  new  carrier number's / bps rate  combinations, all the  facilities of the  VARA
system are maintained , monitor , chat module, bps , and  winlink connectivity.

Note the  level numbers are, then, not directly related 

Compatibility with  existing  installations is  maintained  , by automatic
mode detection , as  per  existing 2300 <>500  mode  switching .

Rig compatibility ,  ic7300  may be  directly  set  to the  required b/w, where  as the  ic7100   , requires the  use of the  SSB voice  
non  standard  bandwidth  settings  of 100 Hz <> 2900 Hz , further  details are  contained in the  pdf documentation 

73 -Graham

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