Re: Windows 10 "listen to this device" option for VAC uses ?


Andy -  May or may  not  be the  same ,  this was the  resolve of the  missing   ''one of the '' audio  usb links from the  ic7100 ..full  final,post  in 7100  group ..may be the  same for the  audio  cable ..


Problem solved 

 The  audio  codec  from the  7100    lists as  microphone ,  whereas  'all' the  apps   where  authorised  to

Use   ‘the’  pc  microphone , 

 There  is  a  separate , more  detailed authorisation   field  , in the  ''Manage  sound  devices''

I suspect , the  default  setting  was / is  Disable .. the  7100  was set to  disable  
[probably a  default , set when  win-10  overlayed  win-7]


Setting  to  Enable ,  codec is  now  listed as microphone ,  and showing in the  device input lists  

So, there  are  actually  , TWO  microphone  checks  on the  pc 

First the  audio  mic plugged into the  pc mother  board  sound  port 
second,  the  7100  codec  showing  as  microphone in the  listing 
which , has independent  enable  function .


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