Re: How to install VARA HF on Kubuntu on WINE - Need help ! #WinLink #RMSexpress #VARA #ros #varim


The indication of the problem occurs in the first line.  I've gotten VARA to work on ONE machine.  Not so successful on three others of varying vintages.  I'm using Linuxmint 20.0 and 19.3.  I'm also using Crossover Linux because it is so much easier to use than Wine.  I have also tried Wine with even less success.

The "unimplemented function" is listed in the DLL when it is examined but it appears that it is NOT implemented in code.  Now, I've got to figure out why it works on one machine and not on others.  BTW, on that one machine, it works only in a 32 bit bottle.  Chokes on a 64 bit bottle.

BruceN / K4TQL

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