Re: VARA FM settings for Icom ID-5100 #VARA


Pre VARA , the average  data  interface , used transformer  coupling and served to  limit the  bandwidth and  introduce 
various  oddities , fine for psk rtty etc, but conveying a complex signal, probably  was not to  common place , yes the modem can work around the  problem, but it  consumes resources ,  often, deployments, unwittingly,   had narrow b/w selected  , and it still  functioned , during  testing  50% b/w reduction , served only to  reduce the  rate . 

So if  usb  direct  link is available , then , that's  optimum, if the  mode  wider , then its  obviously not ,  the  ic7100 has a  12 KHz b/w  option, described as IF-out  to  enable  DRM signals to  be  monitored , never  used it , assume it  uses the  cal-usb link , there is  also a data  tx bandwidth  setting, that is  not  documented , that  allows to  3.5 Khz b/w  but  for  some  reason, the  filter is centered on 1.5 KHz ..

video  showing  use of the  ic7100  IF feed ,  but ,  may be time  lag issue ..have to  check

also  >> You don't have to go to this complex level to use DSD with a IC-7100, you can decode direct from the IC-7100 either via USB AF out or the DATA 2 port using the 9600 pin to the Line in or Mic port on a PC. Just remember to select 9600 in the Connectors menu and FM-D as the mode and away you go. Mike G1ZRN.

Two  ways then ... 

Its not  immediately  clear as to the  5100  facilities , the  manual indicates  a  data  in/out  for  accessing the  DV mode, two models , one with and one without ?  and the  cv-i  address is listed , as is the  com port settings , rig control is not too  well  detailed


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