Re: VARA FM settings for Icom ID-5100 #VARA


. On the IC-7100 for example, the internal sound card is limited to about 3kHz B/W, not near good enough for Vara FM Wide. I have tested this and it fails miserably,
A month ago, a user was claiming to have good luck receiving 9600 with
the internal interface of the IC-7100. While skeptical, I'm
encouraged to hear that report and look forward to testing it myself

Perhaps VARA_FM could have a split mode functionality where it
received at 9600+/high-bandwidth but transmitted at a lower and
narrower speed.

however, using an external device like a DRA, and setting the external rate to "9600", it then performs fine on Vara FM Wide.
For HF digital, the internal card is fine, and it also works OK for Vara FM Narrow mode.

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