Re: Inexpensive Multi-Band Receiver?


I think most of the recommendations for a SDR were also based on part of your initial comment:

“Something you might use for an iGate but not fixed frequency.”

By ‘not fixed frequency’ people assumed you were talking about a receiver that could be tuned without manual operator intervention (i.e., having to manually tune the radio if you change modes or frequency). 

Regardless of single conversion, double conversion, etc. what you want in a receiver is good rejection of undesired signals as well as the ability to work well in high dynamic range environments. Once the DSP gets overloaded, DSP “math” falls apart rapidly and signal processing fails. 


Mark WA4KFZ 

On Oct 31, 2020, at 1:30 PM, Graham <g0nbd@...> wrote:


SDR- May be not quite ,  its based on a  single  chip ,  with  analog  front end , mixers , then  converts to 
digital to  take care of the  filtering  , decoding etc , very much the  same as any of the  dongle based  sdr systems
unless you  pick up quite a  old  RX, the  analogue front end  >> digital  back  end  will  be the  general layout 

As stand alone Rx , gets good  reports  ,  only possible down side for  data could be the  need to  use the  recovered audio from the  set, as previous, elimination, of as may items in the  signal path, will  reduce distortion , drift and improve  s/n 



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