Re: Inexpensive Multi-Band Receiver?



Really depends  on your  intended use , if by digital you  mean the  more normal  HF  beacon  and data  modes ,  any of the  cheap  dongle based set up's  should work  fine , $ no longer equate to  performance , some of the  web-sdr's  are  using  simple $10  dongles as the  rx  heads  , a simple  rtl  dongle will  tune  20 to 1500  MHz , with 2 MHz window 

Though  not my preferred option**, any of the  up converters , gives  full  audio to  Ghz  , for not  very much 

** signal path  is  then   
HF>>VHF>>VHF>>HF>>A/D > pc   , two  mixing  stages and various  amp's, where  as 
direct conversion 
 HF>>A/D  > pc 

The latest batch of low band modes , have stability requirements beyond the  more simple set up's , progress ? may be not, as the effective RX numbers are reduced , but each to his own,  these  require additional  expenditure on  high stability reference oscillators and equipment that  accepts  external  reference inputs 


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