FST4 on 40M , a success !

Andrew O'Brien

Just "because it is there" , Phil W1ZOT and I tested FST4 on 40M tonight and it performed well . 1200 mile path  New York to Texas path. . W1ZOT using 5 watts and me using 3-4 watts with battery pack in the IC-705.  A little tough at 30 seconds but easy at 60 seconds, decoding down to -24 SNR .  Both using homemade antennae (sloper and vertical).   Some of you may recall that this group (when on Yahoo) started the JT65A utilization on HF way back when.  In that same spirit of adventure, Phil and I thought we would give FST4 a whirl.  We have not tried the 120 second variant yet   Joe Taylor intends this mode for LF MW work but it could be useful for HF.  

Andy K3UK

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