Re: "RTTY and Data" band plans ?

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Hey Andy!
                Below are the ARRL and IARU Region 2 Band plans for the 20 Meter Band. Source of info is on the images below. I just got the one from the ARRL website, but have had the IARU band plan dated October 16, 2016 in a PDF file I downloaded and saved on May 5, 2019. It shows RTTY starting at 14.070 and the IARU region 2 band plan shows DM (Digital Modes) starting at 14.070 also.The bottom image shows both the currency and proposed ARRL band plans with the latter not having been accepted by the FCC yet. The proposed band plan shows 14.105 to 14.150 for RTTY, Narrow and Wide bandwidth data and all ACDS stations. 



ARRL Current and Proposed 20 Meter Band Plans.jpg

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