Re: "RTTY and Data" band plans ?

Ralph Mowery

As long as the signal and sidebands are still above 14.000 you can legally  operate there.  14.003 may be pushing it, but around 14.005 to 14.010 should be ok .  Again you have to be careful and not talk about the dial frequency , but what is actually coming out of the transmitter.

Lets say your dial is at 14.003.  Using some modes and tones and side band selection, you could push the signal below 14.000, but using the other sideband  would be fine as the signal would start at 14.003 and shift higher.

I would not really want to operate anything but CW that low to keep the  CW operators happy.

Ralph ku4pt

On Thursday, October 8, 2020, 09:27:09 AM EDT, Andrew O'Brien <andrewobrie@...> wrote:

I'm forgetting some of the band plans for digital modes .  In looking at the ARRL's band plans  it lists wide swaths of bandwidth simply as "CW, RTTY/Data ".  For example 14.000 to 14150 . I never hear any digital modes from the USA below 14066.  Can any digital modes (attended) operate as low as 14.003?
Andy K3UK

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