Are JT-Alerts and GridTracker nothing but distractions ?

Andrew OBrien

I’m beginning to slide in to a “back to the basics” mood . I have had fun over the years tackling all kinds of software applications that are add-ons to the basic logging and rig control software . However I have lately got rather tired of tweaking a plethora of virtual serial ports and coping with the impact of Windows updates on perfected settings . One thing I notice a lot on various email groups and social media pages is the endless posts about Jtalerts and GridTracker . Both extremely useful tools, but is it worth the hassle ? So many posts about features not working , Windows screwing things up, and the like . I want less time troubleshooting and more time on the air . My basic Commander , DX Keeper, and Multipsk combo is easy and fairly bulletproof when it comes to the influences of other software and Windows . Likewise, I backing away from multiple receivers and “slices” of bandwidth running simultaneous decodes of several different digital modes . Time for just one band and one mode at a time . I even sold my Icom 7610!

Andy K3UK

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