Donald Evilsizor


I never operated SSTV myself, but copied quite a few on 20M as a intercept operator for the military
in Germany back in the mid 1970's. Had all sorts of equipment at my area.

Used what we called a transverse oscilloscope with P-phosphorous display and could see the
visual display fill in, plus it had a paper print display of the pictures. Additionally could record
the signal on a 7 track recorder to play back later.

Started copying ham operators in 1960's at another location in Germany on CW when work
was a bit slow. And back at our barracks the guys had a ham station, so used to sit in
and watch them work all over on a 15 watt home-brew XMTR with a NC-98 RCVR.

Sad never got my ticket until 1983 after retirement from the army.

From: "Pat Obrien" <bozo1945@...>
Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 9:27:06 AM
Subject: [digital-mode-radio] N-SSTV

DOES anyone ever use n-sstv on 10.132? Years ago a bunch used n-sstv on 10.132<NARROW> sstv.

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