WIN 10 Realteck mixer 'echo' / feed back #win10


Cause and cure of a strange  echo / delay on the  audio ,  varied  by the  mixer volume  slider ..

G3TDJ was  spot on with  the  cause/fix    "Listen" tab


WIN 10 Realteck mixer 'echo'

Little odd , while routing audio to data apps on win-10 pc , the sound mixer
provides a simple 'connect' point , for the app to connect to the audio stream

However , for some reason ,setting or option , as the level is increased , its accompanied
with an unexpected echo ,howl round, ''feed back'' ,

As far as I can tell , all the 'special effects' are set to off , one playback device selected
audio is available via the ''mixer'' normal apart from the echo .

Q what could be causing the ring-round , something must be linked back to the
input , but -what and where ? any ideas ? , had the same ?

Tnx -Graham



Sep 11   

Have a look at the Properties for the Recording may need to run mmsys.cpl to get to this detail - (a desktop shortcut to mmsys.cpl is useful)

The Recording Properties for the device in use will show a "Listen" tab, if "Listen to this device" is ticked that might cause your unwanted "echo" effect

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