Re: Whats new in VARA 4 ? #VARA #qrp


"awards are the biggest attraction to the average HF ham."

"Really??? Almost all the hams I know do not chase paper.(maybe 20-30 that I know well enough to say that) Maybe it's different in your area?"

I've been in radio since 1977, and a "Ham" since 1994. I've HEARD paper chasing is an interest, even read about it a few times, never seen, directly heard from those that do it, or personally known of one that does it, whether QSL card, awards, certificates, et cetera. I imagine, among those that do it, it's a thing, however, across scores of clubs as a member, and officer, hundreds of forums, a good portion of the country that I've traveled, the operating I've done, and the DX my wife chases, I can safely say I've only ever heard about it, perhaps a half dozen times, in 40+ years. If it's a thing, it's not a big, or well known thing, even across the radio services.


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