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Andrew OBrien

I think FT8 and FT4 have shown that wide adoption of a digital mode is achieved when popular awards , like DXCC , are associated with use of the mode . If , for some odd reason, ARRL developed an award for receiving email from 100 or more DXCC entities via VARA ... VARA  would have many more users . Despite VARA , Ardop, Winmor and Pactor having some utilization in emcomm . these modes seem destined to be niche products in the ham world . 


On Jul 6, 2020, at 3:29 PM, Graham <g0nbd@...> wrote:

That's ended well  -

I think the  call  is the  licence ,  and can have  various  -/ 
all  the  modems and versions  are covered by the  same key,  

At over 100 baud, the  non  registered set-up  should
provide adequate , two way chating , pity  , really , after 
spending  hours running  dev  versions over the 
past years , there  no real use  for the  modem in the UK 

A simple chat interface that  links the  500  Hz could  have 
various uses  , the  vara  chat still links only to  the  2.4 K 
'vara is not a  chat  mode'  to  quote some one  .. 

73 -Graham 


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