Re: Time to abandon 14070-14073 ?


Hi Andy,

Other than stray FT8 ( some LSB) down at x73 seems like 70-74 still seems OK on both 40m and 20m. 14074 to 14080 and above pretty busy lots of the time. Let FT8/FT4 move up!

73, tom w7sua

On 7/5/2020 10:30 PM, Andrew OBrien wrote:
With the crowded conditions cause by RTTY, FT4, FT8, JS8, ARDOP, Packet and Winlink traffic 14070 to 14106, I’m wondering if Olivia, PSK, Thor, MT63, MFSK and Domino should move to 14106 to 14109? There is a little Winlink there and tiny use of ALE there , but mostly unoccupied last I checked .
Andy K3UK

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