Re: vARIM Messaging Program for VARA HF Modem - version 1.1

Andrew O'Brien

Sorry I must have missed that point . I was wondering about running vARIM under Linux to avoid all the steps of getting it to work on a Windows machine . I will read more about getting cygwin . 


On Jul 5, 2020, at 6:44 PM, Bob NW8L <nw8l@...> wrote:


VARA only runs on Windows, but vARIM can run there too. From my original message:

It will run on Linux, Raspberry Pi, Cygwin/X on Windows and also Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10. The VARA modem runs only on Windows computers, but vARIM can run in Cygwin/X or WSL on the Windows computer, which is convenient. Alternatively, you can run vARIM on a Linux or RPi computer and attach it to a VARA modem instance running on a Windows computer in the same local area network.

In the shack at NW8L vARIM runs in WSL on the same Windows 10 laptop that hosts the VARA HF modem. When bench testing I run vARIM in Cygwin/X sessions running on the same two Windows 10 computers as the VARA modems. The Cygwin/X setup has the virtue of being the same for any Windows 10 computer (and works on Windows 7, unlike WSL).

Detailed instructions for the Cygwin/X setup are found in the Help document:

Bob NW8L

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